Ceiling Hoist Project

Location: Arvida Aria Bay Care Suites

Providing rest home, hospital-level and dementia care in luxurious suites.

Arvida’s decision to install ceiling hoist rail systems in the care suite at Aria Bay offers a new dimension of resident care and an improved working environment for staff.

Ceiling and wall mounted systems allow staff to deal with most handling and lifting tasks on their own, in an effective, safe and dignified matter. The system is always in place and ready to use as soon as it is needed.

We are starting to see a shift in the aged care sector where facilities are starting to make the change from floor hoist to ceiling hoists for resident and patient transfers.

With hoist usage increasing, many caregivers and nurses are finding that the constant use of floor hoists is starting to take a toll on their time and their physical health.

Facilities are replacing their floor hoists with ceiling hoists to benefit from the improved safety, efficiency, and resident experience.

Ceiling hoists proved their true merits in small-spaced environments with environmental obstacles such as thresholds and carpeted floor.

And there’s no substitute for expert advice..

Active Healthcare’s long-spanning experience and superior product knowledge can help you choose the best hoist and rail configuration in your organisation for enhanced care and lowered risk of carer injury.

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